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We at VisionaiR3D focus on commercial usability of our products. They are designed to support you in your sales activities, development presentations and progress evaluation sessions.


Because our systems are designed to be used by multiple participants, different specialists can discuss their work together in a lifelike environment. A sales representative can sit together with his clients in a virtual environment to explore the details of their future purchase, while still being able to maintain eye contact with their clients. Because of the static projection around the users there is no possibility of cyber sickness.



If you require the accommodation of larger audiences, our SimulationCube-system can be custom-made to fit your requirements. Several upgrades are available to fill your every need. Because of the flexibility in our system, we can tailor your system to your needs while remaining affordable.


Our system can assist you in more efficient meetings, faster sales and in clarifying communication between different departments. In this way improving your team's efficiency (and your company's revenue).

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