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Would you like to combine different techniques into a new, personalized solution?


VisionaiR3D can create custom simulator software specific to your needs.


We can serve as a liaison between different parties to coordinate the effort to create your request, or can build your requests from the ground up. We can incorporate statistics gathering software (IBM) into simulation programs, so you can monitor the use of your Virtual Reality presentation.


Where are most visitors really interested in? Where did they click the most, is there any preference for any specific parameter? You name it, we can track it.


VisionaiR3D worked together with IBM Japan to incorporate their Watson analytical software into Virtual Reality projects. This will present you with every measurable detail you wish. Determine hotspots, find user preferences etc. Ideal for simulations and marketing.


Our extensive knowledge of Virtual Reality hardware and software we can offer a complete turnkey solution for your projects.


Our simulations can run on Cave systems, Powerwalls HMD's and the Simulation Cube.

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