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head mounted devices (VR glasses)

Head Mounted Devices (or HMD's) currently provide the most immersive Virtual Reality experience. They accomplish this by completely secluding you from your surroundings .


When the the user is completely closed off from the real world it creates a 'private universe' for the user to explore.


The most famous examples of HMD's at this moment are

Oculus Rift,

HTC Vive,

Samsung Gear VR / Google Cardboard.


HMD's can be as basic as a projection that you can look around in and without interactivity, to complete immersive experiences with added movement and positional tracking and  interactivity.


This enables high-end, highly immersive single-user experience as well as multi-user conference sessions,

both with full body, hand and head tracking when needed.


All variables in the virtual world can be controlled and pre-determined. Would you like to practice an emergency? Virtual Reality gives you the tools to create training sessions exactly to your specifications and have your team train them exactly as intended, each and every time. Ideal for training purposes since the student is completely closed off from real life and the experience is exactly the same for each student. Everything in these simulations  can be measured and stored for analysis. Especially suited for technological studies, reviews and marketing.


We offer complete and portable turn-key solutions fitting to your challenge.


Present us with your case and we will present you the most fitting and economic solution to your challenge.