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Discover the difference 3D Vision can make in your gaming experience. VisionaiR3D sells and rents various 3D imaging devices like 3D-TV's, 3D-monitors, 3D-projectors, multiple monitor setups like video walls, with or without head- or full-body tracking to revolutionize your experience.

VisionaiR3D can deliver the tools to fit your presentation.


Use lifesize projected 3D image surfaces to create a Virtual Reality Powerwall.


Our Powerwall displays can be used in the Automotive industries, Aerospace and Oil and Gas industries, as well as for (inter-)national laboratories, academic research centers and education. ETH university of Zurich (Swiss) and KU Leuven (Belgium) were one of our early adopters.


Virtually unlimited configurations and dimensions can be designed to meet the resolution and performance requirements of our customers.

3D stereoscopic viewing devices