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Local Multi-user Virtual Reality


The Simulation Cube was designed to facilitate a multi user VR experience to support you in your commercial activities. Have meetings inside your design and have your clients experience your vision instead of having to imagine your work. The center table forms a central base where documents, drawings and coffee can all find their place.





Remote Multi-User Virtual Reality for the planning and design phase of your product


Imagine a personal meeting with your client's representative from Dubai, your lead engineer from Japan, your architect from his office in the U.S.A. and your local construction specialists, all in one room. To get a team like this at the same place, at the same time usually takes great effort in planning and at great expenses.


Now imagine this same meeting taking place in Virtual Reality. All Participants can plan and participate from the comfort of their own desk or office! (International) meetings can be arranged and initiated in minutes!


Let VisionaiR3D bring your partners into your 3D design, and discuss and collaboratively work on the same model in real time, as simple as making a phone call and as helpful as being right next to each other!


Trough Improov we support HMD's Powerwalls Caves and the Simulation Cube with this software solution for collaborative VR



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