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The standard Simulation Cube measures 3,5 x 3,5 x 2,4 meters and consists of the following:

- 4 PC’s in a network cluster

- 3m x 2,10m screens, 4:3

- 1280 x 1024 integrated projectors

- wooden self supporting frame

- round fixed table (90cm)

- 4 mobile seats

- 9.1 surround sound

- easy operating system


The following upgrades are optional and are only recommended in specific cases. And supports leading 3d engines and software


The Simulation Cube is ideal for presentations for 1 to 5 persons. Because of the integrated table it’s a comfortable place to host your presentation and will aid you in your sales-promotion, as you will have a “desk” to work on. Use a laptop or blueprints, serve coffee and sign documents in The Simulation Cube.


Each Simulation Cube will can be adapted from our standard version to fit your specific requirements.




Simulation Cube specifications