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The standard Simulation Cube measures 3,5 x 3,5 x 2,4 meters and consists of the following:

- 4 PC’s in a network cluster

- 3m x 2,10m screens, 4:3

- 1280 x 1024 integrated projectors

- wooden self supporting frame

- round fixed table (90cm)

- 4 mobile seats

- 9.1 surround sound

- easy operating system


The following upgrades are optional and are only recommended in specific cases.


HD Projection / Widescreen Upgrade


The HD Projection / Widescreen Upgrade benefits from

a different size (16:9 instead of 4:3) than the standard

Simulation Cube. The resulting Simulation Cube wall

dimensions will be 360cm x 225cm.



3D projection Upgrade


3D projection can be done in multiple ways, Passive3D or Active3D. In case of a Simulation Cube without the Floor Projection Upgrade we recommend the Passive3D variant. For a Simulation Cube with a Floor Projection Upgrade we recommend the Active3D variant. For a Simulation Cube that is mainly used for the support of commercial activities

(like sales and presentations) we recommend passive3D, or no 3D at all.


Please note: perfect 3D can only be achieved in combination with head tracking. Because we want to eliminate any chance of “motion sickness” and prefer to keep a multi user environment we recommend to disable 3D during sales promotion.

The Active3D upgrade needs an additional specialized graphics card in each pc to enable network synchronization, and needs the Unity3D VR Software upgrade.



Head tracking and full body tracking


The head- and/or full-body tracking upgrade makes it possible to walk around in The Simulation Cube and have the perspective change according to your position. You will be able to manipulate objects with your hands an utilize interactivity. With this upgrade you can explore the Virtual Reality world and test for example reachability, usability or ergonomics. This can be very useful when using the simulation Cube for testing and training purposes. The Unity3D VR upgrade is needed for these upgrades.

CAVE floor projection Upgrade


The floor projection needs an additional PC and an additional projector to turn the floor into an (interactive) projection surface. Modifications are made to the frame of The Simulation Cube as well as to the round table in the middle of the cube so it can be removed when necessary.


Please note: Might require the system to increase in height.

Can only be used with Active3D upgrade. The Unity3D VR upgrade is needed for these upgrades. Floor projection and upgrading to 3D are highly recommended with the use of head- and body tracking.

Please note: The head and/or full-body tracking upgrade adjusts the field of view for only one person at the time and therefor makes it a single user experience which allows for spectators. This is not recommended for commercial activities.



CAVE Unity3D Upgrade


The Unity3D VR upgrade  is needed for the Active3D Upgrade and the Head/Body-tracking upgrades. This software package in combination with these upgrades allows you the full C.A.V.E. VR experience.

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