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VisionaiR3D was founded in 2001 by Maarten van Grinsven and is settled in The Netherlands. We have a complete range of fixed-price products suitable for a small audience up to large venues.


These systems are lower-end and are built to be used in commercial activities, such as real estate sales and presentations. When required, our systems can be custom built to fit your specifc needs. VisionaiR3D develops high-end systems for research. Both the ETH university in Zürich (Switzerland) and the KU university at Leuven (Belgium) were among the frst to install a high end system designed and installed by VisionaiR3D.

Besides hardware, VisionaiR3D also creates high quality Virtual Reality content that can be used on all of our systems.  We build complete hardware solutions where the software presentations are also created by VisionaiR3D.  Cira Centre South in Philadelphia (USA) and “Strijp” in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) used our products for preliminary (sales-) presentations. The latter being the largest inner city building restructuring of Europe.


We have delivered complete VR solutions to Brandywine and IBM in the U.S.A. as well as Japan.

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