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After having worked in the gaming industry, Maarten van Grinsven started VisionaiR3D in 2001. A company specializing in complete “turnkey” Virtual Reality solutions to promote commercial activities, delivering both hardware and software, with a focus on systems especially suited for Virtual Reality architectural presentations.


Our main focus in the creation of Virtual Reality content is in the architecture visualization industry, presented in a 3D engine and rendered in real time. Because of our experience in this field we are well aware of the features required from a 3D engine. To convert high quality pre-rendered visualizations from packages like 3D studio max, our experience allows us to create realtime visuals with the same

visual quality as static renders.


VisionaiR3D combines Virtual Reality presentation systems with this high quality content for a truly amazing turnkey solution. Because of our experience producing ”Commercial VR” we know exactly how to guide our clients from blueprint to presentation. Blueprints or 3D models and material information are needed to make a price quote for VR content to be played on The Simulation Cube. The appearance (look and feel) will be determined in consultation with our graphic designers by mood boards, or by supplied images.


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