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Cave software is a combination of plugins to create a Projection room that can be used to visualize Cad models or other interactive experiences. These experiences can be more immersive by adding 3D vision or Headtracking.


We support plug-ins for Improov, Unity, Unreal, Quest3D and Google Earth (Google Earth including Streetview comes

pre-installed, as wel as several project demo's).


Don't want to waist time on 3D engines? let us create your VR content for you.


Possibilities of a CAVE:


Scale one visualization with user-centric perspective

Multi-screens / multi-computers synchronization (cluster support) for higher-resolutions and impressive VR systems

3D interactions: navigation, manipulation

Support for 3D interaction devices such as 3D trackers and joysticks 3D – Stereoscopy (active, passive)


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VR & CAVE software

Unity 3D

Unreal Engine 4  (UE4)


Quest 3D

Google Earth

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